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I would like to knock boots to the song 'Mother' by Danzig (OR WHATEVER) but apparently, some people think it is not a sexy song. That bothers me.

Oh, hello. How are you? I am fine.


Tears In Heaven?? Really?!?

I don't know why it's so quiet tonight. Usually there is music or television of some variety, but it's ultimate quiet tonight.

That said, Missy's bathroom shares a wall with mine, and he is in his bathroom. I hear clinking, so I suspect he is organising his medicine cabinet. I also hear him talking and singing to himself.

It sort of sounds like "Tears In Heaven".


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champagne legs

"'No Man's Land' Is An All-Girl Series"

Went out with Joey to a porn store*. Then we went to dinner. I had a very good time.

When I got home, Stefan was in the common area making dinner. He was holding a beer. I love it when he holds beer, because I can shake it. He makes angry cat noises when I shake his beer.

I shook it, it started fizzing uncontrollably. I started giggling.

"THIS is not for you to SHAKE, CHILD!!" he said. He was agitated.

Then I laughed so hard that my liver fell out.

*Apparently people who work at adult establishments don't call girl-on-girl porn "lesbian porn". They call it "all-girl porn". They still call boy-on-boy porn gay, which frustrates me. Why don't they extend the same courtesy and call it "all-boy porn" or even better "NOTHING BUT MANLOVE UP IN HERE"? That would pretty much make my day.

Pray for me.

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champagne legs

Wearing Clothes From A Wildcat's Hide

Dreadfully windy today. Do you think that California's number has finally been drawn for twisters? We've got so many other natural disasters, it seems fitting.

Wasn't there some sort of twister warnings semi-recently in So. Cal, or did I make that up? Perhaps it was the tabloids. Speaking of tabloids, there was a headline in The Enquirer talking about a pregnant man's suicide attempt.

Stefan's response was gold:

"That's not a baby! That's a beer belly! Oh well, he's got the right idea. If I was pregnant... or if I had a beer belly that big, I'd try to kill myself, too."

He also made me talk like Nimbly all night while he sipped martinis.


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I'll Only Come Here Seeking Peace

Recently, I have noticed that the older I get, the DUMBER I get. I don't know whether it is failure of memory or failure of retention or things of that nature, but honestly, every day that I grow older, I get more and more 'simple'.

Another thing I have noticed, though, is that the dumber I get, the happier I am.

I used to wonder if ignorance truly was bliss. I speak from experience: IT IS.

Using the definition of 'ignorance' loosely to coincide with the definition 'dumber than a bag of hammers', I must say... ignorance IS bliss.

For once, I appreciate being an idiot, because only someone so dumb as me could appreciate this blessing for what it is.


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Hell Above The Water

I do it to distance myself from everything that's real. Sometimes the real catches up to me and that is when I am in big trouble.

furyCollapse )

I've been sleeping a lot, I think. I haven't been eating much. I cook soup now only so I can let it get cold before consumption because I can't hang with hot soup these days. Saturday is Joyce's birthday and I am in ruin because I am wondering how I can get there with no hitches. The last time something really important happened and I was supposed to be there, the bridge was closed. There is NO way I could have predicted that. It was a WEDNESDAY and it was the MIDDLE OF THE DAY.

My brother forgave me but I still feel like shit about it. Every time I see him I apologise. I would never forgive him if he missed my graduation, but then, he wouldn't. He is blessed. He is also nice. Stupidly nice. I used to hate him for being such an idiot and now I am scared he will be too nice and end up dead because he has faith and trust. As much as I wanted to see him dead before, I don't now.

I am sorry now. I am realising now how important family is, even if it IS adoptive.

My mom had a brush with death when she was young; her car door came open and her head was nearly skimming the pavement. Her sister (blood sister) did not say anything, and my mom had to pull herself back inside the car.

30 or so years later, her (blood) sister told her that she never said anything to their parents because she wanted her to die. She also said that their parents didn't care enough to stop the car. This, also was not true (they just didn't realise what was happening), because when her father needed help living, he chose to live with US.. even though we were poor instead of my aunt, the older sister, who had money AND an extra room.

After the whole "they'd let you die" debacle, my aunt when my mom was almost 50, told my mother that she was an accident and that her mother (who died when she was 7) hated her and always blamed her for getting sick.

My aunt made my mom cry like nothing I had ever seen. My mom forgave her. I don't know if it was because she could always forgive her big sister or what. When my aunt broke her hip, my mom was with her ASAP. When my mom had a soccer-ball sized tumour and was afraid she was going to die, my aunt was nowhere to be found, and ultimately I lost my job because I had to take care of her. Whatever, it was a shit job anyway. The part that bothered me was that I would have to list them as a former employer and they would give me a shitty reccomendation, regardless of family issues.

Even with all that, my mom forgives AND STILL LOVES her big sister. If it was me, I'd have put a HIT on her vengeful freakish 60-year-old head. Lucky for her it's not me. Ever since I have seen how she hurt my mom, I will NEVER have the same respect for her that I used to have, and whenever I introduce her to people I say, "This is Judy, my mom's sister."

She always looks at me in a weird way, and says, "I'm her aunt." when she shakes peoples' hands. I hope, though, every time I call her Judy and leave off the word 'aunt' but go out of my way to call her husband 'Uncle' it hurts. I make sure to call her children my cousins, too, but ever since she fucked with my mom, I will never call her aunt to her face ever again, regardless of blood.

Joy. One of Judy's children wants "us" all to come to her house for Thansgiving. I told my mom to just give her my regards but she wants me there.

If it wasn't for the fact that I lived in fear that she and my father are soon going to die, I would have disagreed. Now I have to be extra-careful and extra-close so that nothing shitty and beyond my control can happen to prevent it.

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My Spine Needs You

If less is more, then there's no end to me.

Pongo can suck it. That British woman looks like a who. I can't explain it any further than that except for that she irritates me because I know what they look like from personal experience. I look like one. So I know. I can hate on it because I know first hand how much it sucks to look like that.

I am having this war with Daniel. It's like a cold war. Sort of. He got a Playstation 2 a few months ago. I was pissed. See, I'm really into [and have a bit of a problem coping with my obsessive] product loyalty. So that meant that I was obsessed with SNES. Then I got bored one day and raided his Xbox. At first I hated it. I thought it was too many buttons and it was too confusing and OH MY GOD why did it have TWO joysticks? One was hard enough. Eventually, I got used to it and became obsessed. I played through the same game two or three times.

I felt that was justified as I had just learned a new system and felt I would be DAMNED before I would learn more than one game on it.

Then he got the PS2. He started bringing home new games.

"Are they Xbox?"

"No, sorry. PS2."

Then I wouldn't really talk to him. For the rest of the night.

After a while, he got this game for his PS2 that I liked. I might have liked the others, but I was too pissed off to notice. I don't know I was so pissy about his game systems in general because as a rule, I don't like to play them. I just like to watch other people play. Not back-seat gamer, either. I don't tell them what to do, I just really, honestly like to watch. There is one exception. Daniel has a habit of rushing through levels and won't notice treasure chests and the like, but other than that, I generally do not speak unless giving a verbal high-five.

After he got this PS2 game, I got curious. By curious I mean I braved the land of the controller that I had previously claimed to hate and learned to play it. So after I watched him play the 36+ hours worth of this game and beat it, I played through it again on my own. I am currently on my second time through it. In the meantime, Daniel has gotten a new game. That he wants to play. On the PS2.

I find myself now purposely pausing it in places where it's difficult to get to a save point because I am offended that he wants to play a new game. It's HIS fault I am obsessed anyway! He opened the Pandora's Box. This morning, after about a week of stalling, I grudgingly allowed him to rip the game from my bosom so that he could play his new one.

I tried not to look the whole time. When I asked him how he liked it, I was hoping he would tell me that it really sucked. Alas, he actually liked it.


I'm serious.

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